Even though I struggle at the start, once I did my research and followed my workflow I came up with a good concept and plan.

My essay gives many examples of other films marketing by discussing what is successful and what is not. This was an excellent starting point into discussing my idea and how my idea borrows ideas and compares them back to the original marketing idea. My referencing was also very good because they backup my statements by providing evidence and there is a wide range of sources ranging from blogs, articles, newspapers and journals. My marketing strategy has many similar elements as other films like trailers, posters which doesn’t make it stand out from the crowd very much as there are only a few elements that are unique but have been done before.

The posters do an excellent job of peaking the viewers curiosity. The bright colours draw the viewers’ attention and the content is deliberately vague so the viewers will remain curios until the marketing picks up near the film’s release. The title “PRICK” also help draw the viewers’ attention because in certain context can be used as a swear word, just like the splatter honey it is mixing metaphors because prick is used to refer to the bee’s stinger in this context.

Overall the promotional kit does well in promoting the film as a whole by creating a large presence online through its interactive, crowd funding elements and poster materials.



It took forever to come up with the name but I think its quite clever…


Poster 2.png

They leave a bit of mystery to what the animation will be, this entices the audience to find out more about what its about.

I added the honey splatter effect for a mixed metaphor between blood and honey as the bees are very aggressive (africanised bees?) and are out to get their honey back. I went with my creative flow and to me it feels like Sharknado again in the sense that its over the top and ridiculous. This is similar to my first project of my second year where I went for whacky and silly. I enjoyed that project a lot because I could be as silly as I wanted to (within reason) and because of that it turned out really well. I think I’m going to take this project in the same direction.



I am currently in the middle of writing my essay. I am incorporating an interactive element within my marketing because my target audience (young adults) will respond to it, which is according to my research. It will involve the audience voting for different story elements to be incorporated into the project.

For the poster I’m going to have a black silhouette in the foreground holding a giant knife in a fighting stance with a giant bee in the background to show how intimidating the bee looks to the character.

still in the making:



After starting this, I’m starting to get the vibe of that terrible movie sharknado, extremely over the top and ridiculous. I’m not sure if thats a good thing or not…




This film went for a very modern but unconventional marketing approach by posting emoji billboards around cities, they are memorable because it doesn’t outright say ‘Deadpool’ so the user has to work out what it means.


They also put tinder profiles of the Deadpool character, which gained attention because it was absurdly different. However these obscene marketing strategies worked due to the high amount of money it made.


They also went as far as putting down other rival films:ab00eDv_700b.jpg

This is an excellent strategy because it caters to its target audience, the young adults by using unconventional social media techniques (which many young adults use) and catering towards their sense of humour, making fun of others because modern comedy is all about ‘roasting’ others. This strategy worked extremely well as the film made a large amount of money.

Dark Knight

This marketing strategy involved fans of the upcoming film to get involved in a worldwide interactive puzzle game. Players had to gather at locations and online to find clues, there were many different kinds e.g. clouds messages in the sky, messages inside cakes, phone calls from characters in the film. They also got fans as part of the game to post videos and images online of why they love the character ‘Harvey Dent’ which only increased it presence online and in the real world. This got the fans involved like no other film has done before which made them gather a large presence with iconic features e.g. the joker’s face paint.


This strategy also worked really well as it is one of the top grossed movies of all time.

The target audience again is young adults, different from previous batman films due to its violent and dark themes. They catered well to them as they used the internet to capture their attention, which is predominantly used by young adults.


The main similarity between these 2 strategies is that they stand out because of how different they were and the interaction with fans they had. So perhaps in my plan I should include heavy interaction with the audience in a obscene way to gather attention. I also need to consider my target audience and what’s the best method to reach out to them.

Here are a couple examples of marketing went wrong:

John Carter

This film did not innovative or interactive, but the reason it did not become a success was through the mixed and under whelming marketing. The first trailer shown is very underwhelming, looking like a cheap thriller with no special effects generic story-line and left out vital parts of the story, disconnecting fans of the novel.

There was a lot of fighting between the director and Disney marketing team on what to include in the trailers, this shows with the inconsistency between the two trailers, where the second is focused almost entirely on action sequences.

This alienated the entire audience, the fans of the novel did not relate to the bare bones trailers and strangers to the film are confused what its about due to the 2 entirely different trailers.

Iron Giant

Surprisingly this film was critically appraised but didn’t make a lot of money at the box office due to bad marketing, or lack of. Warner brothers previous animated film “Quest for Camelot” did awful at the box office, The Iron giant was not given a high marketing budget. Warner brothers also turned down a burger king toy deal and was given few trailers.

So from the bad examples it can be summarized that the film to be successful in the marketing side needs to have a strong presence, otherwise its doomed to fail. It also needs to be consistent in teasing the same story structure otherwise the audience becomes confused and uninterested.


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Overall the animation was a success in many area but there is always room for improvement.

The aesthetics caters well to the client because we used the provided colour palette to their request. It makes it looks vivid, lively and interesting to look at. However a few peers disliked the colour palette in general, this could not be avoided because the provided colours were limited. However a lot of depth was extracted from the few colour used by used of shadow and background, which adds to the clean, professional and minimalist look.

The animation itself fits the corporate tone overall by promoting e-learning. The character animation at parts can seem a bit slow in comparison with the general fast pace of the piece, this could easily be improved by having some faster movements (at times). The character are expressive and look genuinely amazed at points which helps the overall message of the animation (E-learning is amazing). It also gives it a comedy factor to avoid the piece being too boring and serious.

The sound compliments the characters and actions, especially at the end with the Kung-Fu gag by giving that extra impact sound. The background music really helps give it a positive vibe right at the start and sets the tone for the whole piece. The narrator helps guide the viewer through the benefits of e-learning and integrates well into the animation by helping it feel more lively and adds to the positive tone.

The pacing has improved vastly since my last project, its quicker and to the point but not too fast that the user cannot keep up. It works well in terms of the ratio between footage and narration, keeping for a steady pace instead of everything being crammed into sections while leaving other scenes feeling empty.

Group work and time management were handled very well. The group was efficient with the work flow, with each member doing their separate part and helping each other where we could. There was a constant flow of communication between us to discuss ideas and changes, which is key in a good group. Time was managed well because all the deadlines were met due to our efficient group work, however it would have been more beneficial if we finished a day or two earlier so we could make any last minute changes, I don’t see a way we could have made extra time for ourselves but we are still learning how to effectively work in an animation team so this should come naturally with more experience.

This project clearly works well as it caters to the client’s corporate needs and addresses the questions ‘Why should I use E-learning within my company’. There are few elements that could have been improved and considering the amount of time given, the outcome is fairly impressive and was massively beneficial in learning about the industry and how it works.


Reflection on workflow and motivation

After finishing my group project I’ve started reflecting upon how I approach projects. This is due to the different approach I took to the group project, which was a great success and my previous project with the 3 characters on a bench, which didn’t work out how I planned.

In the group project we had set targets for each piece, which drove me too keep pushing myself as I am always very conscience of deadlines. I also had others who were relying on me, which also helped me too keep working. We would look over each other’s work to and get outsiders opinions to make sure we were on the right track. These elements pushed me too my limit in terms of stress due to time but it also made me produce some of my best work.

Comparing this to my last project, I’m starting to to see where I went wrong. I only had one set deadline. I made my storyboard quite late into the project which affected my organisation. I also made the critical mistake of avoiding criticism from others because I was trying  so hard and became sensitive about my work, this affected the outcome because the pacing was off and there were mixed opinions on the aesthetics. I was overall unhappy with outcome and knew I could have done much better, especially because we had 3 months to do it. In terms of the deadline, I should have set myself mini deadlines or at least an agenda on what to do that day.

I realize now that I enjoy a more structured workflow with mini deadlines, this helps me to stay organised and to really push my self and keep a constant flow of work. I’ve also learned that I need to be sharing my work more to get opinions, this improves the quality of the animation and to spot mistakes early on.

I read an interesting article the other day:

I relate to this because at times I struggle with motivation to do parts of the project e.g. evaluation. I need to learn to be more disciplined in my routine and to basically sit myself down and do the dam work! I feel if I do this, it will help me to stay organised and to stick to an agenda. I work best when I’m in a structured and organised environment (especially when others are counting on me) and so I need to help myself in doing so.


Reflection on workflow and motivation